Consumer Reports Water Softeners

consumer reports water softenersWater is one of the basics of life.  Food, water and air, we have to have them every day to live. 

And the kind of food, water and air you get each day is a key indicator to your quality of life.  Thankfully in developed nations the daily struggle just to get enough food and useable water every day is a thing of the distant past.  There is a lot of government out there involved in making sure the food we buy, the water we drink and the air we breathe meet certain minimum standards of quality. 

Now, those minimum standards are far better than most of the world is getting, but that doesn’t mean things are 100% safe and healthy  just because some government agency out there is enforcing a bare minimum.  In many communities even in the developed world there is a struggle to get the water supply to meet those minimum standards.

This is why many people who want the best for their families and their home will get a water softening filtration system to ensure the water they drink and use is 100% pure and pollutant-free.

But before you shell out money for such a filtration system, it would make sense to look up all the internet articles you can find on consumer reports water softeners.  By typing ‘consumer reports water softeners’ into a search engine,  you can instantly compare ratings and prices of the different kinds of water softening systems that are available.

It goes without saying the very BEST water softening filtration systems are also the most expensive, so the reason you do  your homework is to find a system that is great at providing 100% pure filtered soft water while doing so at a reasonable price. 

With some internet homework, you can study consumer ratings and reviews from people who have already tried many of the different water softeners.   You can divide the different filtration systems according to ratings, then toss out the low and mid-range ratings and just look at the ones that got many reviews and were consistently rated highly by people who bought them. 

Three key things to look for in consumer reports water softeners searches on the internet is:

Price – not the only thing, but if you can find some top rated water softening systems for much less than the most expensive systems, take note of them.

Ease of Installation – many customer reviews will discuss how easy or hard it was to install the water softening system and get it working.  

Volume – Some water softening systems will filter the entire house; others are only for one particular tap.  Some will give you as much water as  you want right away while others need time to replenish the filtered water supply before dispensing it. 

Ease of Cleaning/Replacement of Filters – Different systems use different methods of cleaning and replacing the filters, so look for customer comments/reviews on how easy it was to accomplish this.


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